Throwback Thursday!


“Raise your IQB”



Occasionally we will mark “Throwback Thursday” with vintage clips of IQB’s.

Today we bring you…    Coach Deano!  (circa 1998)

Enjoy, and there is an IQB teaching point under each clip to help…

…”raise your IQB”!


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Slant Pass, 3 step vs WLB Blitz. Big 1st step, cross step, plant step & throw. Do not shuffle at top of drop. WLB blitzes and ball is out before he can arrive. If your read blitzes on slant pass you must beat him with the throw.  “Raise your IQB”.



Red Zone Slant. Sometimes you must throw around D-line pressure even in 3-step game. Accelerate steps 2 & 3, make your passing lane with your body lean around the pressure and throw.   “Raise your IQB”.



Go Deep, make them defend the entire field!   5 step drop, step up in pocket when needed and throw.   “Raise your IQB”.



You will get hit and you must be fine with that.   Do not panic at a blitz.   Drop fast, trust your read, trust your line and make the throw.  Nothing more frustrating to the rush than hitting the QB and he still throws a strike.   “Raise your IQB”.


See you next time for “Throwback Thursday”.


I told you the clips were “vintage”.



Let us “raise your IQB”.

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