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Our mission is to develop quarterbacks that are capable of producing consistent, intelligent quarterback performance. Whether your goal is to improve quarterbacking performance at a current level of play, or to become the best prepared to successfully compete at the next level of play, IQBCOACH is your choice.

Intelligent quarterbacking performance is the greatest advantage a football team can possess.

Quite often, intelligent quarterbacking performance is what distinguishes a losing team from a winning team; a winning team from an elite team; and an elite team from a championship team.

When coaches at any level of football compile a list of “must have” characteristics for a successful quarterback, “intelligence” will usually top their list.  Coaches everywhere seek that quarterback that has that high “football IQ”; that “it”.  Other common descriptive phrases for these successful quarterbacks, like “he makes good decisions” or “he’s a field general” or “he’s a coach on the field” are all saying the same thing; this quarterback is consistently capable of making intelligent quarterbacking decisions that consistently produce positive results for the team.  Many other positive characteristics, such as “a big arm” or “a live arm” or “great athleticism” or “a quick release”, while important, will rarely produce the consistent positive results that coaches look for if not coupled with the ability to make intelligent quarterbacking decisions.

This intelligent quarterbacking premium rises exponentially for quarterbacks as they reach higher and higher levels of competition.  IQBCOACH quarterbacks will learn how to obtain that intelligent advantage to produce consistent, intelligent quarterback performance.

Let us “Raise your IQB”.

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