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IQBCOACH is the home of the prestigious AIR BOSS ACADEMY.

AIR BOSS:  A United States Navy term used for the commanding air officer of an aircraft carrier.  The AIR BOSS is in charge of coordinating all of the operations of the flight deck from moving aircraft around, landing aircraft, launching aircraft, airborne aircraft out to a range of 5 nautical miles, ordinance handling, and the general overall safety of all flight deck personnel.   Only the top naval air officers will ever be considered for this position of great responsibility and great honor.   Only the proven very best of the best will ever earn the distinction of AIR BOSS.



At IQBCOACH, we respect that there are many other quarterback academies that you may choose from.   Many of them provide sound QB drills and fundamentals to those that attend their one or two day clinic.  We believe that these clinics are certainly beneficial to a QB’s development, especially when the QB is new to the position or a veteran QB looking to reinforce the fundamentals of their position.   We believe that training the fundamentals of the position never grows old.   Even NFL quarterbacks train the fundamentals of the position daily.   But we respect that you, like us, may also believe that mastery of the fundamentals is not enough to master the intricacies of the quarterback position.  Much more should be expected from a true “academy”.

Ask yourself,  if it were truly as simple as other “academies” make it appear to be to master sports most demanding position, wouldn’t every team have a game changer at the helm?




THE AIR BOSS ACADEMY is truly a dramatically different experience from today’s world of  traditional QB “academies”.  It is distinguished from other academies because it is a true ACADEMY in every sense of the word.  An institute of advanced quarterback learning.  Developed for all quarterbacks that are seeking to produce consistently intelligent quarterback performance, the AIR BOSS ACADEMY is the choice for those QB’s truly committed to gaining a competitive mastery of the QB position.

Each AIR BOSS candidate must be willing to accept that to earn the distinction of “AIR BOSS” will require a sustained and dedicated effort.  Each AIR BOSS candidate will have to successfully demonstrate, both on the field and in a classroom setting, a working understanding of all of their AIR BOSS ACADEMY training.   Only then will an AIR BOSS candidate graduate and earn the prestigious designation of…  AIR BOSS.

An AIR BOSS will have developed the ability to lead an offense and all of its moving parts with the very same leadership, precision, control and confidence as that of a Naval aircraft carrier’s AIR BOSS.   An AIR BOSS will have the training that it takes to rule the sky and change the game.

Rule the sky.   Play like a BOSS!

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