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Deano Passariello, Director~Quarterback Coach

Known to many as “Father Time”, coach Deano Passariello is a life long student of the game.   Actively involved in organized football for over four decades, he brings his vast wealth of football knowledge and experience to every quarterback he works with at IQBCOACH.

As a successful quarterback, he was instrumental in winning team championships and earned multiple individual honors over his playing career and knows firsthand what it takes to achieve success at the quarterback position.  Deano was even featured in a New York Times article about semipro football that referred to him as a “standout quarterback”.Deano Bio shot 2

As a coach, he attends and participates in coaching and instructional football clinics to stay at the leading edge of football strategy.  He also develops and exchanges successful quarterbacking strategies with his extensive  network of coaching peers.   A private quarterback coach for more than twenty years, coach Deano has trained quarterbacks at all levels of organized football.   He began his coaching career on the semipro level after retiring from the game in the early 2000’s.


Coach Deano is also a certified football official for youth, high school and semiprofessional football.  His officiating experience provides him with a 3rd aspect of football insight into how to achieve truly intelligent quarterbacking performance.

Officiating 11-2013 NFHS Cover Close Off2

Coach Deano incorporates his uncommon 3-part perspective of the quarterback position into every customized training service that he offers in order to provide a quarterback training experience that is truly distinctive.

The results of this distinctive IQBCOACH approach toward quarterback development are confident, intelligent quarterbacks who are best equipped for success at their current level of play and best prepared for success at their next.

His quarterbacks have compiled tremendous results that include numerous team championships, individual and league records and honors at all levels of organized football.   His players have reached virtually every level of collegiate and professional football including the AFL, NFL Europe, the CFL and the NFL.

Currently the offensive coordinator for a nationally known semiprofessional football team, the New York Bandits, coach Deano is writing a book on Intelligent Quarterbacking.

Certification / Member

.USA Football

.NFHS – National Federation of State High School Associations

.WCFOA – Westchester County Football Officials Association, Inc.

.AFA – American Football Association Semi-Pro Football Alumni

.AFCO – American Football Coaches Association

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