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This page is dedicated to QB’s that have demonstrated their ability to consistently produce intelligent quarterbacking performance.  We honor these QB’s by featuring them as our “IQB Cover”!


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Congratulations to COREY SAGE, our featured “IQB Cover”!



Corey Sage, All-Star Semiprofessional Quarterback

Harlem Gators Semipro Football Team Three time Semipro Quarterback of the Year 2009 Undefeated EFA Champion (15-0) Semiprofessional career record 87-18-1


In 2013, the big question circulating the ranks of semipro football was, “Will Corey be the same dynamic quarterback he was prior to his potentially career ending knee injury that saw him sidelined for the entire 2012 season?

Corey Sage did return to the field in 2013 after spending a year rehabilitating his surgically repaired knee.  He also provided the semipro football world with the answer to that question… an emphatic YES!

Corey returned to the field and picked up right where he left off, at the top of his game.  He went on to not only lead his team back to their winning ways, but he also posted yet another dominant season on route to his third quarterback of the year selection.

IQBCOACH salutes our first “IQB Cover” quarterback…

COREY SAGE of the Harlem Gators!




Recently our staff caught up with our “IQB Cover” for an interview.




“Congratulations Corey!  What does it mean to you to be selected as our first ever ‘IQB Cover’?”



“I would have to say it’s an honor to be the first QB covered by a QB training company that puts so much emphasis on the IQ aspects of the game and the QB position.  I mean when it’s all said and done I would like to be looked at as the smartest, most cerebral QB on this level, or at the very least as one of them.  This aspect of IQB is the most endearing for me.  I believe in the IQB brand and the way they literally test the mind of every QB.   Feed The Mind And The Body Will Follow.

So with that said, you can easily see why being at the forefront of the other QB’s to follow me in this award and in changing the North East’s out look towards football IQ  being the most important aspect of an athlete’s game, makes this such an honor!”



“What would you like to say about IQBCOACH QB training?”



“I back the IQB brand and its unique training 100%.  I’ve already spoken to both young and veteran QBs on different levels of this sport and told them to get in on this new form of QB training company.   I’ve introduced the classroom work to my ex and current coaches and my team.   I most definitely feel, and know, you will see a significant change in your or your QBs performance level in the utmost positive way.  The things you learn from Coach Deano and his IQB staff will stick with you and your QBs game for ever because of his unique teaching methods.   Once you get it, you will see the game through different eyes with a different understanding at the QB position!



“What has IQBCOACH training meant to your quarterback career?”



“Working with Coach Deano has been a breath of fresh air to my career and has made me a better QB. I’ve played organized football since I was 14 and QB since I was 16 years old. I found a good amount of success on the field because of my athletic talent but I wondered why I could not separate myself from my competition and succeed to the levels I wanted to achieve? Then I realized the answer was that my talent alone was not enough. What I truly needed to set me apart from the other QBs was to raise my football IQ! From that moment on I fell in love with the one position in football where your intelligence impacts your success more than your physical abilities…QB!

Coach Deano’s IQB training is unlike any other training or clinics that I’ve found available here in the 5 Boroughs.  At other clinics, or should I say ‘camps’, all you get from them is the on the field drills for techniques in footwork, throwing a football and a good workout.  But with IQB training, you not only get those fundamentals but you also get that Class Room work that most young players hate but advanced QBs/Players like me can’t get enough off!  Coach Deano successfully played the QB position for years so it’s a credit to him and he can truly relate to every aspect of being an intelligent quarterback. You wouldn’t want a Running Back instructing you on how to kick field goals would you?  His experience as a QB and his unique training techniques significantly improved my ability to make critical decisions no matter what defense I face or style of offense I run.

I can’t wait to get working with Coach Deano again and see what other tips, tricks and techniques I will learn on my way to another great year!  I’m proud to say that IQBCOACH has helped me to ‘raise my ‘IQB’!”


IQBCOACH congratulates Corey Sage, our “IQB Cover”.



Corey 2 fire hips

Corey gun

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