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Our mission is to develop quarterbacks that are capable of producing consistent, intelligent quarterback performance. Whether your goal is to improve quarterbacking performance at a current level of play, or to become the best prepared to successfully compete at the next level of play, IQBCOACH is your choice.

Let us “raise you IQB”

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IQBCOACH training at all levels will consist of the appropriate mandatory core skills, drills and fundamentals that every quarterback must master at each level of play.  We believe that drilling the fundamentals never grows old.  However, we also realize that no two quarterbacks that we train are the same.

Deano-19  Deano-30Every quarterback we work with comes to us with a unique set of talents, skills, goals and objectives.  That is why we start all of our  training programs with an initial quarterback assessment and  interview so we may fully understand their uniqueness and their  current style of offense.  We then incorporate that information into a  customized training program specifically designed for that  quarterback.

The result is a highly personalized training program that produces confident, football intelligent quarterbacks who are best positioned for success at their current level of play and best prepared for their next.  We know what it takes because some of our players have reached virtually every level of professional football including Arena Football, NFL Europe, the CFL and the NFL.

Sample of IQBCOACH training for individuals and small groups: 

  • Proper grip and throwing fundamentals and mechanics.

  • Proper stance and center/QB exchange fundamentals to reduce common exchange errors.

  • 1,3,5,7 step drop-back mechanics and ball security.

  • Rollout, Sprint, Shot-gun, Pistol and Screen pass mechanics and ball security.

  • Run play footwork and mesh point mechanics and ball security for various run types.

  • Play action passing mechanics and ball handling security.

  • Understanding motion.

  • Defense Coverage and Front recognition.

  • Pre-snap read fundamentals – PSR.

  • Post-snap confirmation fundamentals – PSC.

  • Common QB passing reads for all offenses.

  • Advance Passing read techniques.

  • Developing various passing attacks.

  • Quarterback Leadership Strategies for pre-game, in-game and post-game.

  • Audibles and communication on offense.

Sample of IQBCOACH training programs for TEAMS and LEAGUES:

(May include some of the above training topics)

  • Instructional Quarterback Clinics
  • Quarterback Competitions
  • 7 on 7 Competitions
  • Defense Analysis – including PSR & PSC
  • Pass Game Coordination
  • Passing Game Strategy and Concepts
  • Game Film Analysis
  • Game Plan preparation
  • Practice Plan Preparation
  • Playbook Development
  • Reaching the “next level” – Recruitment
  • Offense Communication Methods
  • Presentations & Seminar’s
  • VIRTUAL QB TRAINING – A rapidly growing service offered by IQBCOACH.  Contact us to learn more.

Our sessions are available in individual and package options and may be bundled into extended week-end sessions.  Please contact Coach Deano for rates and further information.

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