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Considering IQBCOACH for your child’s quarterback training is our privilege.  It speaks to us of your commitment to your child’s quarterback development.  We recognize, understand and honor the vital role that parents, and current coaches, play in the success of every young athlete’s life and football career.  That is why we incorporate parents and current coaches into our customized IQBCOACH training.

We request that parents of our younger athletes remain present at each training session whenever possible.  We have found that a parent’s presence is not only reassuring to our athletes while they are on the field, but it also allows for each session to be thoroughly reviewed when away from the field for added benefit and follow up.

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We also ask our athletes and their parents, along with their current coaches, to complete our IQBCOACH “Quarterback Information” form.  This form is a valuable tool that provides us with information about each quarterback we train.  Information like the current style of offense that your child is being asked to lead.  We then incorporate that information into your child’s customized training to help plan and maximize the effectiveness of every session.  It also serves as a road map for future training sessions.

By working together with our athlete’s parents and current coaches, we are able to build the most comprehensive personalized quarterback training programs available to athletes today.  IQBCOACH is the intelligent choice for private quarterback training that is custom designed to produce intelligent quarterbacking performance.

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