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IQBCOACH is proud to say that we specialize in training the semiprofessional quarterback.

Semiprofessional QB’s are asked to play football’s most demanding position yet they face greater challenges toward achieving consistently intelligent quarterbacking performance then quarterbacks at any other level of play.  “Yes”, even more so than at the collegiate or professional levels.  Here is why.   The dramatic reduction of effective practice time and the lack of qualified quarterback coaching at the semiprofessional level makes it the most difficult level on which to achieve consistently intelligent quarterbacking success.

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Semi-pro quarterbacks are usually left to rely upon their own training methods and quarterbacking philosophies that may go back to their college or even high school playing days.  More often than not, that training will not have adequately prepared them to step into a competitive semi-pro football league and produce consistent, intelligent quarterback performance.  Even when that past training may have been top notch, the lack of effective practice time and exposure to qualified quarterback coaching , can render high level high school and college quarterbacks woefully prepared for success in today’s semi-pro football game.

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Proper QB training is essential in order for semi-pro quarterbacks to reach their full potential.  Think about it, even professional quarterbacks have private quarterback coaches.  They understand the value of constantly perfecting their craft through private quarterback coaching.

Our IQBCOACH professional staff understands what it takes to overcome the unique challenges faced by semi-pro quarterbacks.  We have years of successful experience playing and coaching quarterbacks at the semiprofessional level.   Our insight and experience enables us to create the most effective training regiments and intelligent quarterback training techniques available to today’s semiprofessional quarterback.  IQBCOACH training is truly distinctive.

IQBCOACH  “puts the ‘PRO’ in semi-pro.”

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