“Raise your IQB”


“Coach Deano, we would like to thank you for the hard work and time you have devoted to Jason over the past three years.  When you first met Jason he was a very young quarterback. It is amazing to see his growth as an athlete and as an individual.  With your expertise, you were able to see Jason’s raw talent and helped him develop into a great QB.  The fundamentals and defensive recognition techniques you taught Jason have enabled him to effectively read defenses and throw the ball to the open man with precision and accuracy.  He is now playing on a level far beyond his years. You have given him the tools and confidence to become a successful football player gaining the respect of his teammates, coaches and most importantly his opponents.  We consider you both a coach and a friend.  We look forward to your continued work with Jason and sharing in his future successes as an athlete.”

-Eric G. ~Parent of a youth football Quarterback


“Coach Deano has worked with QB’s for over 20 years and is very knowledgeable about the position.  He has experience with players at many different levels and has helped them improve their skill level.  He has a passion for teaching the physical and mental skills of the QB position.”

-Steve B. ~ Head Coach, Varsity Football ~SHHS


“I’ve worked with coach Deano for years and he is truly one of the best QB coaches I know and has helped my game tremendously. Coach really knows what it takes to play the position at a high level and training with him kept me prepared to defeat any defense I could face.  His understanding of the position, knowledge of the passing game and ability to teach the nuances of the position, is as advanced as any that I have experienced on any level.  From my college career as a  four year starter at Clemson to my 9 year professional career as a starter in the CFL, coach Deano is truly as good as they come.”

-Nealon Greene ~ Retired Professional Quarterback, CFL                                      ~Clemson University -former career passing leader


“Coach Deano has a temperament that relates to his players while demanding the absolute best from them.  His advance knowledge of the position and game has helped my performance tremendously.  If you want to learn the QB position, Coach Deano is your guy and IQBCOACH is your training!!!”

-Elliott Earle ~Semipro quarterback ~Brooklyn Blue Devils


“In my three years studying under Coach Deano, I learned to love the game of football for the true science it is.  Under Deano’s tutelage I quickly broke and set new FSFL passing records and posted a 91% winning record while leading one of the leagues more efficient and high scoring offenses in recent history. Our offense produced over 12 all star selections and multiple playoff wins, including one championship appearance.  Given coach Deano’s experience as a successful quarterback at multiple levels, all offensive personnel receive unlimited useful and productive insight, while being infused with Coach Deano’s passion and energy.  Because of my time with Coach Deano and the successes he’s led both myself and our team to, I personally have received multiple invites to coach and train QB’s since retiring.  Coach Deano is not only a coach, but a great man and mentor. I valued the endless hours he spent with me and the infinite memories we will share going forward.

‘Grade A’ recommendation for coach Deano and IQBCOACH.”

-Julio “Junior” Reyes ~Semipro quarterback ~ NY Bandits QB 2010-2013


“I back the IQB brand and its unique training 100%.  I’ve already spoken to both young and veteran QBs on different levels of this sport and told them to get in on this new form of QB training company.   I’ve introduced the classroom work to my ex and current coaches and my team.   I most definitely feel, and know, you will see a significant change in your or your QBs performance level in the utmost positive way.  The things you learn from Coach Deano and his IQB staff will stick with your and your QBs game for ever because of his unique teaching methods.   Once you get it, you will see the game through different eyes with a different understanding at the QB position!”

-Corey Sage, Semipro quarterback ~ Harlem Gators


“Coach Deano’s vision of the game is matched by no other.  He has an unique ability to virtually dissect a player where he sees not only the physical attributes- muscles, ligaments, bone joints of the quarterbacks he is coaching individually but also their minds and the minds of the opposing coaches he is match up against in games as if they were on a cat scan machine.  We live in a world where technology is getting faster and more microscopic.  Coach Deano Passariello’s coaching knowledge and vision is already there and beyond.  The world just hasn’t caught up to Coach Deano’s mind yet, but you can get your start with IQBCOACH.”

-John JP Shishkowsky ~Commissioner Five Star Football League            ~C.E.O USA Pride Football


“I’ve known Deano for nearly twenty years, beginning as our starting QB.  He immediately became the team leader.   He has a great reservoir of knowledge of the game and is excellent in communicating his knowledge to players at all levels.  Deano is  very thorough both in his classroom teaching and on the field training.  He explains all aspects in detail and makes sure every players understands the concepts and knows how to use them.  Deano’s use of the technology to demonstrate offense and how to read and understand the defense is unsurpassed.  I can see he makes learning the game fun for the players, especially when they see how his strategies work in a game.   I would recommend coach Deano and IQBCOACH to every player who wants to significantly improve his game.”

-Ken Esehak ~ Owner, Head Coach, Westchester Steelers Semipro Football team


“Being a quarterback is often taken as ‘who can throw the ball the best’ but it is way more involved.  The quarterback has to be able to recognize and dissect defensive coverages.  Coach Deano’s IQBCOACH training pretty much hands you the microscope and the scalpel. ”

-Isaiah Chin ~ Semipro quarterback ~ Nassau Golden Eagles



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